Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buildin' "Thorts"

First lap!

 We had a lazy day last Sunday.  It was raining and we couldn't play outside.  Matt was working on my car so the girls and I were on lockdown and couldn't go anywhere to play.  We needed something fun to do sooooo why not build "thorts!"  Grace has always called it a "thort" instead of a fort and I can't quite get myself to correct her.  It's too cute and one of those things I'm holding onto since she seems to be growing at the speed of light.
I have to admit that a good fort IS a lot of fun!  We added some glow sticks, had snacks, and played in there for what felt like hours before Pete decided he needed to lay on one of the blankets and our "thort" came tumbling down!
Oh well.  Thorts are fun while they last!

Our "thort"

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