Friday, September 25, 2009

On the road again......

Last Friday, Grace and I headed north for "Great Nana's" wedding and what we thought would be a long weekend. The wedding was scheduled to start at 1:30pm (Grace's naptime) so I was a little apprehensive about how she would behave! All the great-grandkids were supposed to walk down the aisle together and look for Papa so they would know where to sit. I'm happy to report that Grace did great and even lead the pack for part of the way! After a short ceremony and A LOT of smarties, we headed to the reception where we lasted all of 10 minutes. It was 3pm by that time, and Grace was DONE! She was asleep by the time we drove all of 2 miles!! Here are some pictures of the wedding weekend.

We stopped by Laura and Brent's house on our drive into Bloomfield and played for a couple hours. Grace LOVED her first ride on Jack's four-wheeler! Jack absolutely loves Grace and it is SO cute! He even gets this high-pitched voice when he talks to her....hilarious! By the time we left, Grace had a goodie bag and half of Jack's toys!

Here are a couple pictures of us getting ready to go to the rehearsal and wedding. Grace was already exhausted!!

Grace also had a new buddy during our visit.....Uncle Matt. She discovered his iPhone that played "The Wheels on the Bus" song which she LOVES!! That was a big hit with her to say the least!

On Sunday evening, we received news that Grandma Gentry passed away. She was almost 94 years old! This lady was one great cook! While Matt and I were dating, I always heard about how good Grandma Gentry's cooking was. I got to sample some of that cooking on a few occasions, and they were right! Her health had deteriorated over the last several years, and it's nice to know that she is finally at peace. Matt made the trip north for the services, and we headed back to Knoxville Thursday morning. While the circumstances obviously weren't ideal, we did get to stay in Bloomfield and visit with our family for a few more days which was nice.
Hopefully our next visit will be on a much happier note!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

WARNING......Some photos may be graphic!!

Well the surgery was a success! According to my doctor, I am quite the light-weight when it comes to anesthesia. He came out after the surgery to let Matt know how it went, and he said they barely had to give me anything, and I was out! Ummm you want me to go into a deep sleep after 19 months of lacking sleep......NO PROBLEM!! And as you can see from the picture below, I woke up in NO PAIN AT ALL!! WHO HOO!! Now I know why M.J. had a stash of that stuff locked away in a secret place! :) Oh and the Sprite I was drinking tasted like the first drink you get after being lost in the desert with Bear Grylls for 7 days, not the mention the scrumptious graham crackers.....they even gave me 2 packs!!!

It was very strange for the nurse to say it was fine to WALK to the bathroom immediately after having surgery on my foot! Hmmmm! But it was fine.
Above is a picture of my bunion before surgery, and you will see an after pic below. I'll warn you it's a bit graphic! Before the surgery, my doctor and I discussed my options for pain management. I have a high pain tolerance (if I do say so myself), and didn't know if I needed the "hard stuff." I DO NOT deal well with pain medication, and it usually ends up coming back up (if you know what I mean) before it even has a chance to take away the pain. The doc reassured me that Vicodin (yes VICODIN) would be fine and tends to be easy on the stomach. He said to make sure I took the medicine every 4 hours like clockwork for the first 24 hours due to the pain I would be in. The day of the surgery I wasn't too nauseous due to the anti-nausea medicine I was given during the procedure. However, day two was a different story. Yep, up it came! He changed my medicine and even included anti-nausea meds, and you guessed it, it came up also!! SWEET!! How people can get addicted to that crap is beyond me! So needless to say, I have been taking Tylenol since the Friday morning after surgery. I've only had to take Tylenol a handful of times since then. I can't believe how little pain I've been in overall! YEAH!!
Then came our next "incident." I can't get my foot wet for 2 weeks so I was instructed to double bag my foot when bathing. And if it gets wet, I need to call him immediately. I have a great set-up with our garden tub that allows me to prop up my foot without a chance of getting it in the water. This worked out great until Labor Day. I was getting out of the tub and consciously thinking about how awful it would be if I had to call Dr. Percer on Labor Day when it happened.........I dunked it in the water!! I couldn't believe it after all that was EXACTLY what I was thinking about!! I may have only just touched it to the water, but it was enough that the gauze absolutely soaked it up! After mom and I tried drying it with the hair dryer for several minutes and realizing we were getting nowhere, I knew we had to call him! So what does any person do who is obviously thinking clearly?? Make Matt call him OF COURSE!! The good news is the doc acted like it wasn't too big of a deal, and told Matt to re-wrap it.......yes I said Matt! Let me tell you people, he did a FANTASTIC job! While I was laughing hysterically during the process, I managed to snap a few shots for you below. Before he started, he washed his hands thoroughly, put on rubber gloves (that I had for cleaning purposes! Come on people!), and cleaned off the scissors with alcohol. I was as good as new thanks to Dr. G!! And no I don't have Flinstone's swollen! I also hope you enjoy my yellow toe nails since I always wear polish and had to remove it for the surgery! Funny how now I'm conscious of what my feet looked like after they way they've looked for the past 30 years!! hahaha

What a tool!!
Grace hasn't been too interested in my foot other than saying "ooowie" when she sees it. She's completely content having Nana and "Maga" here to play and read books! So now I have 5 days left (not that I'm counting) until my follow-up appointment when I FINALLY get to start doing things on my own!! Next Wednesday cannot come fast enough! And if you're lucky, I might pass along a few more pictures!! :)
We have been EXTREMELY lucky to have some extra help over the past week!! Mom was here from Tuesday night to Labor Day, and she passed the baton to Barb who will be leaving us tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us!! They have taken on the role of sole parent not to mention the cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeur, etc. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything!! It is appreciated more than you know!!!