Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes you just get so excited..........

that a "little something" happens!!! Yesterday was Grace's second day of ditching the pull-ups and wearing her "big girl panties." She did SO good all day! I was bragging on her when Matt got home and told him that Grace didn't potty in her pants all day long. And then she got so caught up singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star that she let a little (ok maybe a lot) slip!! WAHAHAHAHA!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grace's First Haircut!!

Misty and Devan were kind enough to let us invade their house on a Sunday so Grace and Matt could get haircuts. Grace's hair was in desperate need of a trim and was almost down to her little toosh in the bathtub! She did very well and only tried to take a peek at Misty's scissors a couple of times! :) She even sat still while Misty trimmed up her bangs! Take a look at the first picture Despite the look on Grace's face, Misty was not cutting off her forehead! HAHAHA!
Misty did such a great job! She made Grace's first haircut very painless and was done is less than 10 minutes! She looks so grown up now!!
The picture to the far right is Grace taking a look at her new "do" after Misty was finished. The look on her face cracks me up!!


Monday, April 19, 2010


Grace and I were out running errands today, and I ran across this cheap Tinkerbell paddleball. Her face is hysterical when she tries to hit the ball on the paddle. You can only see her profile in this video, but you'll get the idea. Take a look..........

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phone Conversation with Clarabelle

Gracie was busy socializing/making her weekend plans today, and made a quick call to Clarabelle the Cow (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) before going down for her nap. Here's a peek.........

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's that time of the year again.....

I guess golf season is upon us again. We apparently got into the golfing spirit last weekend. We bought Grace her first set of golf clubs, watched The Masters, and Grace got to play putt-putt for the first time!
With the baby coming this summer, I've been trying to buy a few outside toys here and there so she'll have plenty to do outside once we're "house-ridden" for a few weeks. I found some golf clubs at Wal-mart for $5! After Matt gave her a lesson on how to use them, she started swinging like the pros! Grace carts them around anywhere we go outside. They even come with us on our daily walk to see the horse next to our neighborhood. Here are a few pictures of our new golf pro!
On Saturday, Misty and I had to work so Matt, Grace, Devan, and Jalen went to play putt-putt. It sounded like there was more ball throwing and running from hole to hole than there was actual playing putt-putt! :) Here's a short video of Grace's first "golfing" experience.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's go Krogering

Grace got to try out the little shopping carts at Kroger today during our weekly shopping trip. She was SO excited when she first grabbed ahold of it, that she forgot what she was supposed to be doing! She kept looking at her feet and running into everything in her path! HAHA! Take a look at the excitement in her face in the picture on the left!
She did great through the produce section and the first few aisles. She would look at a few things but she made sure to put them back on the shelves. By the midpoint of our shopping trip, the newness had worn off and she repeated, "Mommy, go pay. Mommy, go bye-bye" at least 300 times. :) Ahhh our weekly grocery trips just get more and more interesting!!
Grace has done GREAT on the potty over the past few days! Today she has already gone in the potty 5 times before her nap! And Grace even had her first #2 experience on the potty this week! WHO HOO!! As I said on Facebook, I'll apologize to anyone in advance who doesn't quite understand my excitement when discussing #2!! HAHAHAHA!! One day you will!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!!

My Easter post is a few days late, but I didn't want to sit down inside when I could be outside enjoying this gorgeous weather!

Grandma made the trip down to Knoxville on Friday to spend a long weekend with us. We headed to a state park for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning.

I was super excited to watch Grace this year. Unfortuately, the egg hunt wasn't all I thought it was going to be. The egg hunt was from 10am - 10:30 am and only for Grace's age group. I was happy to hear about that since the bigger kids usually trample over the poor little ones. The "Lifetime Movie" part of my brain imagined Grace frolicking through the park hunting for eggs while we got some great pictures and maybe even winning a fun prize! Afterwards, we would find a picnic table and have a nice lunch before heading home. Here's what REALLY happened...........
After we FINALLY got to the park, we heard someone say "one minute" as soon as we got out of our cars. We got out of the car as fast as we could to find out that the egg "hunt" is really just a small section of grass taped off with a blue million eggs in the middle. We walked up just as they set the kids (I mean parents) loose. I held Grace's hand while she got 3 eggs and a whole 60 seconds later the whole egg hunt was over! WHAT!! Many of the parents there were chomping at the bit and were picking up handfuls of eggs! Come on people! It's for the kids!!
The good news is Grace couldn't have been any happier about her 3 eggs! Matt wasn't able to get any pictures of the actual hunt, but we did get some cute pics of Grace playing afterwards in the park. Oh and that picnic that I had planned didn't happen due to the 60mph (yes I'm exaggerating) winds that started after the 60 second egg hunt! Oh well! That only makes me want to organize a great one for next year!

On Easter morning, Grace woke up and took a look at what was in her basket. The Easter bunny brought Grace a tee ball set so listen up neighbors....this is your fair warning that baseballs will be seen flying around our neighborhood very soon! We headed to the early service and came back to start preparing our Easter feast!

Iattempted to make homemade noodles and yeast rolls this year. I'm happy to say that they didn't turn out too bad! WHO HOO! Overall, I'd say our dinner was a success since we all were ready to put our thumbs in our mouths and snuggle up with our "me's" (blankie) at 7:30pm!!

We had a great weekend full of Grandma time, good food, EASTER, sunshine, and "Come on Grandma. Bollow me!"