Monday, April 26, 2010

Grace's First Haircut!!

Misty and Devan were kind enough to let us invade their house on a Sunday so Grace and Matt could get haircuts. Grace's hair was in desperate need of a trim and was almost down to her little toosh in the bathtub! She did very well and only tried to take a peek at Misty's scissors a couple of times! :) She even sat still while Misty trimmed up her bangs! Take a look at the first picture Despite the look on Grace's face, Misty was not cutting off her forehead! HAHAHA!
Misty did such a great job! She made Grace's first haircut very painless and was done is less than 10 minutes! She looks so grown up now!!
The picture to the far right is Grace taking a look at her new "do" after Misty was finished. The look on her face cracks me up!!


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