Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Easter!

Finding their baskets
Easter really snuck up on me this year.  We were up to our heads in moving "stuff" and getting our odds and ends wrapped up in Knoxville.  I realized a couple days before Easter that I had nothing for baskets.  And since we were trying to eat up the food we already had, a ham and all the fixins were no where around the Gentry house.  Hmmmm I wonder if a pb&j would suffice?!?  The Easter Bunny found a way to get two baskets filled and I eventually made my way to the store to load up on food for a nice meal.
The girls found their baskets first thing and it's always fun for me to watch what peaks their interests first.  Grace went for the toys and band-aids in her basket first.  Yes, I said band-aids.  The girl LOVES a good band-aid and, in fact, she had 4 on her leg within the first five minutes of locating her basket!  Anna (who obviously is her mother's child) dove head first into the candy!  Toys, who needs toys when you have a basket full of sugar right in front of you.  I'm declaring her the world record holder for the fastest candy opener in her age bracket as well.  I've never seen anything like it.  She would have a chocolate egg (you know, the kind that's wrapped in foil and takes any adult a good couple of minutes to get to the dang thing) stripped and in her mouth faster than it took me to take 3 steps to get it out of her hand!  Anna honey, I feel the same way when a piece of chocolate is about to enter my mouth......gotta' have it!  Gotta' have it!  Gotta' have it!!  Am I hearing any gasps that I actually gave my girls sugar??  Yes, I DO put candy AND chocolate in their baskets.  Do I let them them sit around and eat it all day?  NO, but I do believe in the "all in moderation" philosophy.


We colored eggs and the girls did great this year!  Grace elected to have princess eggs which included stickers and jewels.  Oooooohhh!  As you can see from the pic below, Grace had a purple egg all done up and would've wrapped it in a blanket and carried it around if I would've let her.  I have no idea where she gets this kind of attachment from and am in no way alluding to a certain mole situation that may or may not have occurred in the past!
Coloring eggs

Adding princess stickers

The egg hunt was also a big hit this year.  Anna hit the ground running and, Grace, I'm sorry to tell you that she dominated her competition!  Once she discovered that some of the eggs had candy/chocolate in them, it was ON!!  Grace just ooohhhed and ahhhhed at the different colors of the eggs as she delicately put them in her basket.  It cracks me up how different these two are!

Ta Da!

Maybe I'll just take the stickers off.  :)

Time for the egg hunt!

We had had a nice dinner and wrapped up Easter 2012 on a sugar high.  It was great to take a break from the moving madness but, as you'll see in my upcoming posts, that didn't last for long!

Happy Easter!!  

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  1. You did better than me! With our moving stuff, my kid's didn't even get baskets this year. I told them we bought them a new house by Mammy instead. Ha!