Thursday, May 17, 2012

Girls Weekend in Gatlinburg

Someone is a little excited for the gaming to begin! 
 For four years now, the second Friday of the month is bunco night for a group of gals in our (I guess my old...sad!) neighborhood.  We decided to mix it up a bit for March and made plans to go to Gatlinburg for the weekend.  Did someone say girls only, relaxing, shopping, eating, and maybe a little wine!!  Yes, please!!  YIPPEE!!
We arrived Friday evening and I must say that I've never seen 8 women stock a fridge like we did!!  WHOA!  Don't forget we're all mothers and didn't want to "run out" of anything!!  WAHAHAHA!!! I'll save that pic for another time.
 If you haven't played Mad Gab, let me just say that you might be missing out on a little bit of FUN!  We laughed our butts off (some may have had to change pants due to the lack of bladder control that we've all developed since having kids!) and one team (who shall remain nameless) DOMINATED the competition!!  FUN night with A LOT of Maritza's infamous sangria consumed!
On Saturday, we did a little damage at the outlets followed by a trip to Sugarland Cellars Winery.  We took a tour, did some tasting, and came home with a wine glass to remember the weekend (not the wine.....blah!).  Victoria hooked us up with some fondue for dinner and which was followed by a dance party (don't ask.....this always seems to happen when we all get together!) and some more Mad Gab.  Another FUN night!

Shopping at the Pigeon Forge outlets
 This was the last get together I had with this group of ladies before we moved.  We have grown close over the years and always have a blast together!  How could I not miss a group of women who are so comfortable around each other that we tend to break out in spontaneous dance parties!!
What a great weekend filled with tons of laughs and an awesome group of chicks!  Don't forget to Skype during your next bunco night!
Tour at Sugarland Cellars Winery

A little tasting.....

and some more!



A little dancing.......

and a little more!  WAHAHA!

Our cabin

LOVE and miss these ladies!!

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