Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Ballerina

Grace is what you might call a bit of a performer and might even LOVE a crowd!  She loves to dress up and dance around especially to "princess songs."  I knew I wanted to sign her up for dance this year and was SO excited when I found out about the classes at Gym Bugs.  The class for her age is an intro to ballet and gymnastics AND the teachers let them dress up in princess dresses at the end of class!!  SCORE!!!  
We're about a month and a half into dance class now and I have SEVERAL videos to share with you!  The teachers let the parents come in at the end of class so the girls can show off their stuff and I've gotten a video each week.  The studio puts on a recital in December and I'm sure Matt will put together a video showcasing each week.  The picture below will have to do for now.  This was taken before her first class.  She wasn't excited at all!!  :)


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